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Whether you want to maximize conversions, glaze your website with traffic, or both, our high-tech pay per click marketing services can do it all for you!


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    Show Ads to Your Buyer's Persona through Our Targeted PPC Services

    We have on boarded the best PPC experts and consultants to help you earn a competitive edge with better leads and conversions.

    Research And Analysis

    First things first, our pay per click marketing team conducts an in-depth research to undermine your business needs. From competitor analysis to profiling your target audience and their behavior, they do everything to help your business outshine.

    Keyword Strategy

    Next, in line, our pay per click advertising experts curate a keyword strategy that goes in perfect alignment with your business needs. It includes competitors' keyword analysis and finding opportunities from inside the market.

    Campaign Setup

    Now that our performance marketing agency has a strategy at hand - it's time to set up your campaign and wait until it does the magic. Also, we do not just get your campaign started but also keep assessing the outcomes to optimize it further whenever required.

    Optimization And Reporting

    Moreover, our PPC management experts also understand the significance of continuous optimization. So, they keep assessing and optimizing the entire campaign, landing pages, and copy itself to help you acquire maximum leads within minimum cost.


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    Let us At Designitic help you navigate the complex PPC Management landscape to Outperfrom your Competitors and Leave an Everlasting Mark!

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    Increase the traffic on your website by placing the right ads online and creatively playing with the pay-per-click. Hire Designitic today!

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1What Is PPC Advertising?
    Pay per click is an advertising strategy that lets you put your business on top of the search results using specific keywords. It mostly works with high potential keywords with intense search volume. And each time your PPC ad gets clicked, your company gets charged by Google.
    2How Is PPC Advertising Beneficial for our Business?
    PPC, primarily, helps you with reaching an expanded audience. This happens through the high potential keyword for which you are paying google. The higher is the competition for that keyword. The higher would be your CPC. And so, it calls for strategic planning and reasonable effort.
    3Is It Legal for My Competitors to Target My Branded Keywords With PPC?
    Yes, it is legal. A smart competitor will always go for targeting your branded keywords with PPC, which means your potential audience is likely to see your competitor's ad along with yours too. However, there are tactics to prevent that from happening, and our PPC experts can help you with that.
    4What's Exactly Different Between PPC and SEO?
    Though both PPC and SEO tactics are different, they tend to have an almost similar objective. Pay Per Click marketing calls you to pay for attaining search traffic; SEO requires complete structuring, writing, and optimizing website pages to achieve improved search traffic. The prior is quick but calls for investments, while the latter is organic and almost free of cost. However, both of them are equally important for your business' success and digital expansion.
    5What Kind of Results Can We Expect from An On-Point PPC Campaign?
    The primary focus of a primary campaign is to boost your website traffic and maximize sales conversions. Therefore, you can expect the same appearing as the outcomes of an on-point PPC campaign.
    6Do We Get Quality Traffic with PPC Campaigns?
    Without a doubt, a rightly executed PPC campaign can derive quality traffic to your website. When spending your budget on PPC campaigns, the primary objective shall be acquiring potential clicks. And our PPC consultants are connoisseurs at curating such campaigns that target the right audience.
    7Are PPC Ads More Clickable?
    Though organically appearing ads have a different level of impact, most people landing on google to search for their needs cannot differentiate a PPC ad. It seems similar to the regular search results in size zero. And our PPC experts know precisely how to curate compelling copy for these ads that can directly hit your audiences' pain points.
    8How Much Should We Usually Spend on A PPC Campaign?
    The cost of PPC campaigns usually varies, based on the nature of your business, the opted keyword, as well as the way you've designed your campaign. It cannot be told in exact figures or numbers. However, if you're paying $10 for a click, and it is showing up to $300 in turn, your campaign is undoubtedly doing a great job.
    9How Long Does It take for a PPC Campaign to pay Back?
    Unlike SEO, PPC campaigns do it faster and start paying you back in an estimated time of 3 to 6 months. However, the time period can vary based on multiple PPC factors such as opportunity cost, unemployment, productive efficiency, and tradeoff. Also, some external factors may impact PPC outcomes, including competitors, environmental changes, TV, movies, etc.
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