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Content Marketing

Let Our Content Marketing Company Drive Five to Six Times More Leads

Properly curated content has the potential to captivate your target audience. We have some of the best content marketing experts working with us who know how to roll that pretty well.


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    Affordable Content Marketing to Help You Reach the Pinnacle of Success

    Be it a web copy, optimized blogposts, or targeted ad copy, our top content marketing experts know exactly how to captivate your audience for engagement and conversion.

    Pick Your Dates Freely

    At Designitic, only you have the right to pick your dates and deadlines, and we don't intervene. We've on boarded content curators who love to play with challenging deadlines. Thus, no matter how quickly you need the content, we've magicians all set to cast their word spells and deliver before deadlines.

    Pick Your Scope Freely

    With our vast pool of content curators, you can pick the scope of your content quite freely. Whether you need something creative, technical, research-based, or generic, we have got your back with experts in every niche.

    Pick Your Prices Freely

    Designitic believes in the idea of growing together, and so we don't charge our clients more than the value of service we provide. You're also free to pick the prices that suit you best, based on your work's nature and quantity.

    Additional Content Audit for Free

    We believe in providing our clients with a perfect copy that does the magic when used for the best content marketing purposes. The expert content strategists in our team proofread and audit the content before finalizing everything.

    See Through These Best Yet Affordable Content Marketing Service Packages & Chose What Suits You Best!

    Let Our Content Marketing Agency Take Your Email Campaigns to the New Levels of Success

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    Get More Leads with our Exceptional Content Marketing Services at Designitic

    We have the perfect content marketing experts that write exceptional writing copies for your business.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1What is content marketing exactly?
    Content marketing can be referred to as targeting a potential audience via purposeful content, be it in any form. It takes up almost everything from basic ad copies to their visualization and final presentation. Thus, the primary purpose of a content marketer is to curate a strategy. This strategy should be enlisting how an ad would be curated and published in front of the potential audience. However, it hardly revolves around salesy ads or spam instead; focuses on creating value for the audience.
    2How is content marketing beneficial for my business?
    Generally, a business has three primary objectives. They include capturing a potential audience, convincing them about the services and products it offers, and converting them into sales. The good news is, our content marketing services can contribute to all of these goals massively. First things first, it can help you create awareness about your products and services and how they can be used. Next, content marketing can help you build value for customers and earn their loyalty. And lastly, strategically executed content can surely help you drive website traffic and turn your leads into clients.
    3Can content marketing help generate potential leads?
    Without a doubt, you can generate a stream of potential leads with a strategic content marketing plan in hand. A great example is brands that ask you to register with your email addresses to receive valuable content like case studies, newsletters, links to webinars, etc. They are using these content types as lead magnets. Once you have the email, it becomes easier than ever to connect with the leads and make them a part of your sales funnel for conversion, sooner or later.
    4How does the entire content marketing process work?
    A top content marketing process is that it works on a strategy. The most common steps of this process include –
    • Research and analysis
    • Content ideation
    • Content curation
    • Audit and proofreading
    • Content finalization
    5How does B2B content marketing works?
    B2B content marketing is slightly different from what we do for direct customers. It has businesses as a target market and to captivate them is a little trickier. Therefore, the main focus here remains on showcasing the expertise and enhancing business relations with the audience.
    6How exactly does content marketing drive sales?
    Content marketing, when executed with perfection, always possesses the potential for driving sales. A perfectly executed content is what has been rightly curated, SEO optimized, and business-related. And it can indeed contribute to generating organic traffic and driving sales for your business.
    Also, the boost in your website traffic eventually spreads awareness about your company - maximizing the chances of acquiring leads and converting them into potential clients at the same time.
    7How can we measure the outcomes of content marketing?
    Now that you are spending a budget on content marketing services, you must also track your performance. And the best way to do that is to align your goals with the outcomes. For instance, if your primary objective was to maximize your brand's awareness and recognition, you can track website traffic, social shares, and bounce rate to know where your performance stands.
    8What is a content marketing platform exactly?
    Content marketing platforms, in particular, are meant to stimulate the process of content curation and make them efficient. It is usually known for putting together the procedures of ideation, copy, design, publication, and revenues to help assess the outcomes without obstacles.
    9How much time does it take to see the results of content marketing?
    Well, it calls for a lot of patience. Content marketing is typically a long-term strategy that takes a few months for the mere implementation of campaigns. Also, there are so many factors driving these outcomes, so it's naturally impossible to determine an exact timeline. However, the results are worth your wait and can help your business roll across the market.
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