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Motion Graphics

Combining Video and Voiceover to Create a Highly Interactive Multimedia Experience for Your Customers

Create a powerful story of your business that communicates it to the masses with cutting edge animation videos from the best motion graphics company.


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    Extremely Engaging In-Motion Content That's Doing More Than Simply Delivering Your Basic Message

    The professional motion graphics services materialize your imagination seamlessly, integrating appealing content that immediately synchronizes with your brilliant visual ideas.

    Kick start

    Starting off our motion graphics services by discussing your requirement, followed by research, and bringing in more new ideas to the pool to spread your brand's mission to the target market.


    The detailed discussion with you leads us to develop a precise yet engaging story with a solid script, making way for a powerful voiceover.

    Concept and Design

    We formulate ideas for a concept that contains strong creative elements for the graphic style. A gradual process makes it easier to receive feedback every step of the way.


    Now comes the magic! Unification of script, voiceover, music, and extraordinary animation to create one final top-notch video just for you.


    Tada! The final product comes in a high-definition internet-ready format. All types of formats are available according to your taste.

    Affordable Motion Graphics Packages That Lift the Bar of Your Business

    Add More Creativity and Style to Your Marketing Campaign Through Professional Motion Graphics Services

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    Create Compelling Content & Increase Audience Engagement in Your Brand Overnight!

    We follow the trends and create the most engaging video content that is hard to miss by your audience. Contact us now!

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1What is motion graphics?
    Motion graphics is a type of infographic with strong visual elements. The animated videos that are created for marketing or pleasure are included in motion graphics.
    2How long does it take to create an animation?
    The time required to create an animation depends on the animation style you choose. Usually detailed motion graphics take more time than normal whiteboard animations.
    3How are motion graphics built?
    There are steps to follow for building motion graphics. First, you start with building a story, then the script is written, then the storyboard is developed, and lastly, the production is finalized.
    4How can I differentiate between good and bad motion graphics?
    A good motion graphic must have an interesting story with solid visuals supporting it. However, a bad motion graphic is confusing with zero clarity, unorganized and unnecessary data with breaks, skips, gaps, irrelevant headings. All of these factors hamper the purpose of communicating your message to the audience.
    5What is the difference between static graphics and motion graphics?
    As the name suggests, motion graphics are graphic designs with motion or movement. It is a big umbrella that has moving imageries, cartoons, and claymation.
    Static graphics consist of static images and can be designed for web, print, or both.
    6How can I be an animator?
    Animation is an exciting subject that looks very attractive, but it requires hard work and skills. It would help if you polished your skillset. Learn it from a university or watch the tutorials on YouTube to practice them. The courses for motion graphics are also available on the internet.
    - Recommend a good motion graphics company.
    - Designitic is the top motion graphics agency in the USA. For every creative visual goal of your business, you can reach out to us.
    7What are the types of motion graphics?
    There are three types of motion graphics
    Emotive videos that consist of powerful emotions.
    Explainer videos that define your product, service, or brand.
    Promotional videos that advertise your products or events.
    8When is the motion graphics used?
    Motion graphics serve their purpose in creating a great user experience, increase the engagement and conversion rate, draw attention towards a business, and more.
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