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Email Marketing

Helping You Develop a Network of Loyal Customers and Providing a Much Higher ROI through Affordable Email Marketing Services.

Developing a trusting relationship with customers via targeted and customized emails, turning them into your regular patron.


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    Smooth Email Marketing Process for You

    Kick start from the email marketing setup we have designed, ensuring the process to be easy.

    Subject Lines That Convert

    For top email marketing, the subject plays a significant role in delivering your objective. The subject heading optimization of Designitic expands the open rate up to 50%

    Custom Mail Design

    Developing a customized email for your target audience exactly how it works. Professional email marketing designs are created by our email experts incorporating banners, gifs, discounted offers, videos, and more.

    Segment and Target

    Using modern technology, we utilize data tracking and email marketing analytics to track the audience allowing us to know more about them and enhance our campaigns. Additionally, data analytics by Designitic enable us to target those who bring sales.

    Send to Thousands In One Click

    Thousands of potential customers just one click away. The simple way is to upload the list of customers, and just like that, we send targeted emails to plenty of people in a hassle-free manner.

    Professional Email Marketing Services to Deliver the Results You Desire

    Providing A Chance to Help You Build Long-lasting Relationships with Your Subscribers

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    Develop a Network Today to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales Overnight!

    Designitic offers email marketing services at an affordable price to help businesses build their brand from scratch.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1Is email marketing beneficial for sales?
    Yes. Email marketing can significantly increase your sales if it is built right. When you present the audience solutions to their problems, how your product or services will add value to their lives, share testimonials, and create engaging content for the email with great visuals, people will feel connected. Eventually, your sales can hike.
    2How to create content for emails?
    Content must add value to the services you provide. You can add sale offers or a targeted discount. They tend to bring quick responses in great numbers. Try to create compelling content that interests people and creates a sense of trust in them.
    3Will customers read my emails?
    Customers will read your emails if you develop emails that catch their attention. If the emails are relevant to them and connect with them, they will surely take a look at them.
    4How to make an email strategy?
    For an effective email strategy, you need to specify your goals and the objectives of creating them in the first place. Next step, every aspect of the email marketing must align with the overall marketing strategy so that you can establish a suitable process.
    5What is a hard bounce in email marketing?
    In email marketing services, hard bounce refers to the undelivered email due to genuine reasons such as wrong email domains, incorrect email addresses, or any other permanent failures. The permanent failures keep the recipient from receiving a business's email. They might do it intentionally and not accept your email, or it can be a common mistake. In both cases, the email never reaches the recipient.
    6What is a good open rate for email marketing?
    A good open rate for email marketing varies from a country to another. According to statistics, on average, the open rate for the best email marketing is 22.15% in all industries. This implies that an open rate of above 23% is excellent.
    7How do we understand that email marketing is going well?
    You have to create a metric unit to gauge the performance. According to your metric, if you see any improvement, it implies that email marketing is working well for you.
    8Why are personalized emails important?
    The top email marketing services comprise personalized emails. When subscribers receive personalized emails, they tend to stay with you longer. They help you gain loyal customers and enable you to get the best experience of the campaign.
    9What is the good email open rate?
    Email open rate is the percentage of the subscribers who open your emails.
    On average, a reasonable email rate is 10% - 15%, but that depends on the industry you are a part of and the audience.
    10How can I make attractive emails?
    Attractive emails consist of captivating visuals, call to action, animated gifs. The formatting should be accurate, font size, font color, line spacing, etc. Everything that catches the attention of people is the part of attractive emails. An eye for creativity helps big time.
    11Why do people unsubscribe?
    People unsubscribe when your email has nothing to offer them. If your email is unclear with a vague subject line and presents no benefit to people, they will undoubtedly unsubscribe.
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