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Making social media a tool for your brand awareness and a source to acquire strong customer traffic with the top-quality social media optimization just right for your business goals!


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    Devise Your Digital Strategy with Our Premium SMM Services in 4 Steps

    Audit & Discovery

    Our experts analyze your current social media standing, if any, and learn along with your business needs and objectives. This analysis helps us chart out the best course of action to leverage each social media platform.

    Digital Strategy

    Our SMM services include a thorough analysis of all your competitors on social media and what they are doing. This helps us craft a unique approach, in line with your business objectives, so that you stand out from the competition.


    Once we know that we have made the perfect strategy, our SMM management team goes into execution, which involves creating content and design for the social media calendar and design and the setup of all the relevant social media pages.

    Monitoring & Reporting

    Monitoring and reporting are the foundations of success for our SMM management team. Our team continually monitors the activity on social media and the paid campaigns and reports the results on a weekly and monthly basis to keep you up to track.


    Best SMM Services That Are Your Weapon to Procure the Customer Engagement

    Kick start the experience of customer engagement with our great-ranging social media optimization services and unveil a journey of brand recognition.


    Affordable Social Media Packages to Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs!

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    Strengthen Your Position in the Market & Increase Your Brand Awareness to Get More Traffic

    Fuel your audience’s minds with creative and appealing social media content that is hard to resist. Designitic is here to help you!

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1How Exactly Do You Carry Through Social Media Marketing?
    Social media marketing is about reaching your audience via social networks. Be it sharing awareness about your brand, engaging with the audience via comments and related options, or paid advertisements meant for direct sales conversion. The primary purpose is to expand your brands' online presence. Thus, it calls for a strategic social media marketing company to help you get through each of these stages and attain an incredible social presence.
    2What Is the Primary Objective of Social Media Marketing?
    Primarily, social media marketing is focused on building a human connection of your brand with the audience. Today's consumers’ call for an engaging and convincing purchasing experience more than they call for the product experience, and strategic SMM management can incredibly help you with that. From building a connection to keeping it nourished throughout, an excellent social media company can do it all.
    3What Makes Social Media Marketing Significant?
    With most of the world's population actively using social media networks, it has become an utmost necessity for businesses to adopt social media marketing. It can help you reach a massive audience without spending a lot, unlike traditional mediums. Also, it is easier and quicker, a cost-efficient way of expanding your audience across the globe.
    4How Is Social Media Used for Marketing Purposes?
    Though social media was initially meant for entertainment, most networks have introduced their business versions. They allow you to create an audience that might be attracted to your products and services by sharing images, videos, stories, polls, and whatnot. There are unlimited ways to market your brand through social media, spreading website awareness, to be on top of them. Are you looking for affordable social media marketing services? Look no further! Let us help you out.
    5Why Should I Use Social Media Marketing?
    With 30% of the total time is spent on social networks, you must also tap into this available resource for the best outcome. If you want to build an audience, social media optimization should be your ultimate way to achieve it. If you wish to develop a positive brand image, expand your targeted audience, or develop intense relations with those existing, strategic SMM management can do it all.
    6How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?
    The cost for social media marketing campaigns varies from industry to industry whereas the industry settles for an average of $300 to $400 per month for regular social media marketing plans. However, it can be flexibly adjusted based on your budget, advertisement strategy, and business size.
    7How Exactly Is A Social Media Marketing Plan Curated?
    It's a strategic process. We begin with setting goals and objectives to undermine the direction. Then research is conducted to know better about the targeted audience in the competitive market. Once all of this is sorted, we start brainstorming ideas and final those suiting best with our brand and the audience. However, the process does not end here and goes into the stage of assessment.
    8What Type of Results Can We Expect from SMM?
    The KPIs on which Social Media Marketing Companies usually focus include engagement, followers, and website traffic. And each of these metrics possesses a direct impact on sales in the long term. Therefore, you can expect a positive sales surge when spending on social media marketing.
    9How Much Traffic and Conversions Can I Expect?
    It's relatively impossible to undermine an exact figure. The traffic and conversions you may attain by actively acquiring the SMM services can vary from month to month, based on your business's nature, the campaigns you chose to design, and the budget you spend on advertising.
    Apart from the content strategy, social media execution tools, and ideations incurred, what matters most is what you have inside the tank. The more you spend, the better you'd be able to earn.
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